Laparoscopic Appendicectomy (with drain)

WHO Check list.

  • Pre op:

Checked had had Antibiotics (Co-Amoxiclav) within last 8 hours OR

Given IV Antibiotics (Co-Amoxiclav)

  • Findings:  Inflammed Appendix with free fluid pelvis


  • Incision: Open Hasson technique, Supraumbilical 10mm Hasson Blunt port, LIF 5mm and Suprapubic 5mm ports under direct vision.


  • Procedure:

Appendix dissected off mesoappendix.

Clips to appendicular vessels.

Endoloop on Appendicular vessels as well.

Endoloops 3 x PDS on Appendix base, 2 to stay.

Appendix divided at base and brought out using BERT bag.

Suction irrigation till clear.

Hemostasis ensured.

Instrument and textiles count told as being correct.

No. 20 drain in pelvis – secured.

  • Closure:

No.1 PDS Fascial sutures umbilical port.

3.0 monocryl subcuticular sutures to skin.


  • Post Operative Instructions: 
  1. Dalteparin at 18:00 hours
  2. Drain to be emptied at 8am daily
  3. Bloods tomorrow
  4. Continue antibiotics total 5 days (48 hours IV, 72 hours PO)

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