Epigastric Hernia; Open Suture Repair

 OPERATION: Epigastric Hernia Open Suture Repair


  • ASA:
  • Antibiotics:
  • BMI:
  • Catheter: NA
  • VTE Prophylaxis: Checked
  • Patient position: Supine


  • Incision/Access: Longitudinal incision over herniation in midline
  • Findings: Epigastric hernia 2 cm defect with pre-peritoneal fat herniation
  • Procedure:

Herniations cleared all round

Contains only pre-peritoneal fat (appears healthy), no bowel involvement

Reduction of herniated fat

Ensured adequate clearance of fascia all around

  • Closure:

No 1 Ethilon interrupted fascial sutures closing hernial defect

Subcutaneous tissue approximated with 2.0 Vicryl

3.0 Monocryl Subcuticular sutures to skin



  1. Home later today all being well
  2. To avoid excessive straining 4-6/52