Epigastric Hernia; Open Suture Repair

 OPERATION: Epigastric Hernia Open Suture Repair  PRE OP ASA: Antibiotics: BMI: Catheter: NA VTE Prophylaxis: Checked Patient position: Supine INTRA OP Incision/Access: Longitudinal incision over herniation in midline Findings: Epigastric hernia 2 cm defect with pre-peritoneal fat herniation Procedure: Herniations cleared all round Contains only pre-peritoneal fat (appears healthy), no bowel involvement Reduction of herniated …

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Groin Abscess: Incision and Drainage

OPERATION: LEFT Groin abscess; Incision and drainage PRE OP ASA: Antibiotics: given at …. hrs/pre op. BMI: NA VTE Prophylaxis: confirmed Patient position: Supine with left hip externally rotated INTRA OP Incision/Access: Cruciate incision over most fluctuant area Findings: Left groin abscess about 3×3 cm Procedure: Femoral artery palpated; confirmed abscess well away from it …

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Generic Template

OPERATION: Name of operative procedure PRE OP ASA: Antibiotics: BMI: Catheter: VTE Prophylaxis: Patient position: INTRA OP Incision/Access: Findings: Procedure: Closure: POST OP Observations Q4H Drain to be emptied/measured at 08:00 daily Post op bloods tomorrow Diet: Eat and Drink as tolerated LMWH at 18:00 hours

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

PREOP Antibiotics Catheter INTRAOP Findings: Incision: SupraUmbilical Open Hasson 10 mm. 10 mm epigastric, 5mm right Sub costal and 5mm right lumbar under direct vision. Procedure: Correct identification of anatomical structures. Cystic duct and artery identified and dissected. Critical view achieved. Hem-O-loks applied. Cholecystectomy performed in standard fashion. Hemostasis and biliostasis ascertained in surgical bed. …

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Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

PREOP Antibiotics checked/given  Hair removal done Catheter inserted INTRAOP Findings: Inflammed Appendix . No other gross abnormality.   Incision: Open Hasson technique. Supraumbilical 10mm port. Left Iliac Fossa and Suprapubic 5mm ports under direct vision avoiding bladder. Procedure: Appendix dissected off Mesoappendix. Clips to appendicular vessels. Endoloops 3 x PDS/Vicryl on Appendix base; 2 to stay. …

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